Leadership is a skill that very few possess naturally; but as it’s a trait that can be learnt with a little effort and some dedication – those that are interested in taking on management roles could certainly stand to benefit from our Leadership in Management Diploma training course. This course is one of our most extensive, with core subjects that need to be covered and then a range of options to allow you, as a student, to specialise in particular skills.

What does the course involve?

Initially, you will be introduced to your course materials and then given the option to review them over the space of a month. During this introductory period you might decide to pursue a particular path, or you could leave your decisions as the pre-set default solutions, allowing you to accumulate an extensive level of understanding in a variety of leadership roles.

The course itself can be completed within less than 12 months, although we recommend up to 600 hours toward the study of the subject. In short, the training program can be split into the following core units:

  • Client management
  • Customer satisfaction training
  • Productivity improvement
  • Leadership responsibilities
  • Results orientated skills

Once qualified, a successful student could go on to provide services relating to any of the following activities, roles and responsibilities:

  • Leadership within the workplace
  • Company management
  • Client management
  • Employee supervision
  • Professional business consultation

The majority of our students opt to specialise in a particular part of this course, but in any event the final diploma can be used within both national and international sectors. Furthermore, the diploma can also act as a pathway for higher education, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership/ Management.

For those that wish to study in their spare time, this course couldn’t be better suited to your needs. It’s flexible as it doesn’t require any formal deadlines (and it doesn’t require you to undertake a final exam), and as all assessments take place online under the tutelage of your trainer, you can submit your work at a schedule that suits your needs.

Once enrolled to this course, you will be presented with login details to allow you to correspond with other students that are taking part in the course – and there are a variety of FAQs and informative documents that can be downloaded for free via our website. These documents can be used to provide further information on the course, as well as on the specific topics that are being covered throughout the training programme itself.

To learn more, or to book your place on the next course, get in touch with our team here at Registered NSW Training today. We’ll be happy to help you with your application and to answer any questions that you might have.