At Registered NSW Training, our team have proudly provided expert tuition and training to thousands of students in and around New South Wales. We originally established our services in 2001, where our intention was to make it as easy as possible for full-time workers to reap the rewards of higher education – even if their schedules didn’t quite permit the free time that they’d need to undergo a university course.

After realising that thousands of people miss out on their hopes, ambitions and dreams every year, we decided to establish RNSWT. Since then, we’ve gone on to become one of the leading higher education agencies in New South Wales. We offer three extensive courses, each of which can result in an internationally recognised diploma that is fully accredited by all local awarding bodies.

What Courses Do We Offer?

As mentioned above, our three courses are some of the most beneficial available online. They include our:

With any one of these qualifications, our students could go on to become fully independent specialists that own and operate their own companies; as well as consultants, managers, supervisors and experts in general. Our students come to us whenever they need a way to enhance their education, in a time frame that suits their needs.

Our Tailored Courses

Each of our courses has been expertly developed by a professional and we adhere to the guidelines and curriculums as dictated by governing bodies and award schemes.

The best thing about our training programmes is that each one can be undertaken at a time that suits the lifestyle of our students. If you are working a full-time job or bringing up children, you might find yourself struggling to make time to pursue your higher education.

When signing up to one of our courses, you can take part in the activities and course material at a rate that suits you – making it easy to get an hour of study in here, or a day of education in there.

Why don’t you take a look at the courses that we have available and see if any of them appeal to you? Our friendly experts are always here to answer your questions and if you’d like to make an enquiry, why not give us a call right now?

If you’d prefer to email then you can do that instead – but in any event, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice, support and guidance. When you’re ready, we’d be more than happy to enrol you onto a course of your choosing and help you to improve your education!