Obtaining a Business Diploma can open an incredible amount of doors for a student. From being able to run your own company, to knowing how to maximise the productivity of others – there aren’t many successful agencies that don’t have access to specialists that have studied toward these qualifications. This also means that as far as employers are concerned, if you were able to offer the skills afforded by this type of diploma, you could quickly become an indispensable asset to an organisation.

What Does Our Diploma in Business Course Involve?

This course will result in an internationally recognised qualification in the form of a diploma. The diploma can be used as-is, or as a 2nd year entry equivalent for those wanting to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of business. The duration of the course itself is 1 year, although this can be prolonged/ lessened depending on the needs of our students.

We accept applicants in March and July, and then again in November. If you are keen to apply ahead of time be sure to do so at least 8 weeks ahead of the intake month, simply to guarantee your acceptance and enrolment. Commonly referred to as the 072665G course within New South Wales, the programme is made up of several segments that can be addressed at a pace that suits your time allowance and lifestyle.

There are 8 core units that will be covered within the programme, all of which lend a hand to the progression of your knowledge within the field of business. These topics include:

  • Business Communications – DB101
  • An Introduction to Accounting – DB104
  • Management Principles – DB103
  • Understanding Business Statistics – DB108
  • Learning the Fundamentals of Marketing – DB102
  • Commercial Law – DB107
  • Economics Principles – DB106
  • IT for Organisation Users BN105

Throughout the course, a variety of materials will be provided to aid in the study of each section. Upon successful completion of the course, you as a student will be issued with an official certification of completion, as well as a statement of diploma. With this qualification you could go on to open and manage your own business, or act in a management role within another organisation.

In any event, the course itself is a great way for those wanting to improve their knowledge of business sectors to maximise their expertise, whilst allowing a variety of job placements to be made available upon successful completion of the training programme. Our tutors are all highly qualified and experienced – and those dealing with this particular course will be available to offer advice, extra tutelage and guidance throughout your study period.